When should I start?

At the Dr Mulrooney Clinic we treat a lot of "brides to be" and our aim is to create natural, dewy glowing skin on your big day.

Brides want to look fresh and rested not frozen or unnatural. So with this in mind we really need to see "brides to be" 6-9 months before their wedding day so we can devise an individualised prescriptive skincare regime and also look at a clinical treatment plan.

Popular Treatments

Our most popular "bride to be" treatments are CFT (combined facial treatment) which consists of a course of glycolic peels followed by IPL laser that treats red veins, pigmentation and uneven skin texture and tone This treatment consists of 6 sessions 3 weeks between each session.

Other popular treatments include light botulinum toxin treatments and I stress light botulinum toxin treatment as brides need to be able to smile and raise their eyebrows on their wedding day. If you are new to botulinum toxin we suggest you try this 6 months prior to your wedding and if you like the results you can repeat just before the wedding and it will be stress free as you know what to expect.


Finally we assess "brides to be" to see if they would benefit from fillers, but in my experience most do not require filler treatment. However there is a new, very natural looking filler called Profhilo that increases skin hydration and lifts and tightens the face. Profhilo should be injected 3 months prior to the wedding if required.

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