Menopausal Skin

During the menopause, the female skin protecting & Anti-ageing hormone OESTROGEN DECLINES, which results in:

  1. Decrease in production of collagen, which is the skins fundamental support
    structure, resulting in the appearance of wrinkles and skin folds and sagging in more extreme cases.
  2. Decrease in the natural skin barrier and oil production so skin tends to become dryer and more sensitive.
  3. There is also re-distribution of fat from the face and extremities to the middle of the body, so menopausal ladies note hollowing of the face and thickening around the middle of the body.
  4. Skin becomes duller and lack lustre due to a decreased skin cell turnover.
  5. Hormonal changes can cause Hot flushes, most commonly on the face, where there is an intense feeling of warmth coupled with excess sweating- this can be very debilitating and means that facial products don’t stay on the face for too long as they literally slide off!

During & after the menopause the skin undergoes a lot of hormonal changes so its important to address these concerns with suitable skincare and treatments.

Most commonly menopausal patients complain of dryer and more sensitive skin so it is important they use a soothing and replenishing natural product range, day + night, and stick to a simple regime such as gentle cleanse, non-astringent toner, followed by serum and moisturiser. Apply SPF 50+ in the morning time to minimise further sun damage.

For menopausal patients who are experiencing oilier skin & breakouts,( as testosterone is no longer opposed by oestrogen, which can cause oilier skin and breakouts in some cases) use a foaming cleanser twice daily, followed by a toner and a water based serum and moisturiser day & night. Glycolic acid cleanser and retinoids can generally be used 2 nights per week to optimise skin. Use an oil free SPF 50 + in the morning time.

For patients suffering with hot flushes, keep the bedroom cool, well aerated and opt for water-based products that are quickly absorbed and apply at least a half an hour before bedtime so the products are absorbed and don’t end up on the pillow.

Thankfully there are many safe, highly effective and clinically proven anti-ageing treatments ranging from lasers, such as IPL Laser that improves skin texture tone and radiance, and ULTHERAPY that helps to lift tighten skin. Dermal fillers can be used to replace lost volume, while botulinum toxin is used to help lift and soften expression facial lines.