The Ultimate Glow Facial

What is it?

This is a four in one treatment consisting of:

  • Superficial chemical peel – to exfoliate the skin and remove any dead, dull skin cells.
  • IPL laser (New M22 Stellar machine) – to treat red veins, pigment, pore size and to stimulate collagen and elastin.
  • ResurFx non-ablative laser(New Stellar machine also)– to lift stubborn pigment and sun-damage, stimulate collagen and elastin and to treat acne scarring or any uneven skin texture.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma – the ultimate self rejuvenation that stimulates collagen and elastin growth, treat fine lines, wrinkles, scarring and dark circles.

Who can benefit?

Who is suitable?

  • All male and female patients who have sun damaged or dull lacklustre skin.
  • Patients who have acne scarring or uneven skin texture.
  • Patients who are time poor and want the ultimate collagen stimulation.
  • Patients who want an alternative antiaging treatment to Botulinum toxin or filler.

This treatment works extremely well when combined with Botulinum toxin, fillers, skin boosters and Ultherapy and is the core treatment for facial rejuvenation.

What it entails

The treatment takes 2 hours 30 minutes and we will medicate you or apply numbing cream for 30 mins beforehand to ensure you are comfortable throughout the treatment.

A course of 4 treatments is recommended 4-6 weeks apart.

There is downtime of 1-2 days whereby the area of skin treated will be red and slightly swollen but you can apply make up after 24 hours and return to work.

The cost is €1,500 per treatment and we recommend 4 treatments 4-6 weeks apart.

We offer 4 treatments for the price of 3 if booked as a course (€4,500 instead of €6,000). Prices all subject to VAT @13.5%.

It is the perfect midweek treatment for those of you working from home!!

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Before and After Ultimate Glow Facial

Ultimate Glow Facial before and after