CFT: Combined Facial Treatment

What is it?

At the Dr Mulrooney Clinic our most popular treatment is a CFT: Combined Facial Treatment consisting of a superficial chemical peel followed by IPL Laser. The reason that this is our most popular treatment is that our fair Irish skin is very prone to sun damage and as we age this sun damage manifests on our skin as red veins which tend to affect the nose, cheeks and chin and also irregular pigment which tends to affect the sides of the face.

Firstly, the superficial peel or “lunchtime peel” brightens and freshens the skin, improves pore size and pigmentation and helps soften fine lines. As the peel does not disrupt the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin) the skin does not peel after treatment. After 3-5 minutes the peel is neutralised and a cooling laser gel is applied followed by IPL Laser (intense pulsed light) - a laser that treats unwanted colours in the skin such as red veins and pigment.

The treatment takes 40 minutes. There is no downtime and patients can apply make-up straight afterwards and return to normal activities. Normally, six sessions are required with 2-3 weeks between each session and maintenance of 1-2 sessions a year.

Who can benefit?

Any patient who has sun damaged, uneven skin tone with red veins, irregular pigment and also rosacea sufferers.

Patients looking to improve skin texture tone and radiance.

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